JETOUR is a new product series .Jetour is a diversified enterprise group with the automotive industry chain as its core. It has more than 200 subsidiaries in its core business segments including automobiles, parts, ships, real estate, finance, and modern service industries. The group’s business scope covers more than 80 countries and regions overseas, with more than 48,000 employees and total assets of more than 120 billion yuan.

Advanced manufacturin

“The source of the plastic craftsmanship, the quality of the hammer process” JETOUR has become a model of the domestic automobile manufacturing industry with its advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality standards

Based on the planning concepts of “Industry 4.0” and “Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization”, the three intelligent, green and lean factories will be perfected


Focus on a vibrant, hardworking and actionable young generation
Those who desire “wisdom”, those who desire different lives
Customer involvement in design-everyone is a designer
Make the car a member of the family-the fifth person in the family, the eighth person in travel